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 Exceptional Companion Dogs

Pamela Leland KPA CTP, CPDT-KSA

AKC CGC and Trick Dog Evaluator

 Certified Instructor for Freestyle and Rally-FrEe.

Trick Dog

All levels of AKC Trick Dog: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Performer, and Elite Performer. Class includes the testing, signed evaluator form, and ribbons. Class size is limited. It's incredibly fun!  While learning lots of tricks, this class teaches your dog how to use its nose, paws, and mouth.  These are essential skills for an Exceptional Companion Dog, Helper Dog, or Service Dog.

Here are a couple of videos we sent in for competition.  DMWYD is Do More With Your Dog and has a 9-part test for the Champion level title.  AKC has a Performer level title.  Dancer did great with both!

DMWYD video is a little long because it was so involved.

AKC Performer video is a little old and AKC now has very clear guidance on what we need to do.

Helper Dog

I created and started the Helper Dog class in 2019. It teaches your dog to be a helper around the house and includes tasks like retrieving items, closing and opening doors and drawers, bracing, and an advanced level of obedience and manners. This is not a Service Dog class but it does teach most of the skills used by a Service Dog inside the home.  Dogs must be willing to retrieve items. This class is a "must have" for an Exceptional Companion Dog and certainly for a Service Dog.  It is only taught occasionally so check the calendar.  Click on the Class Photos tab above to see some of the skills we work on.

Service Dog Skills

I can help you train skills that assist the owner with mobility tasks around the house or out in public.   The path that my students have found to be invaluable looks like this:

Puppy classes, Trick Dog, CGC basic, Advanced, and Urban, along with the Environmental Conditioning and Helper Dog classes.  Dogs need time to learn and mature.  They also need to have as many experiences as possible to help the respond appropriately to new and novel situations.

Basic Obedience & Leash Walking Skills

Want to make your daily walk more enjoyable? In this outdoor class students learn basic obedience skills, how to manage the dog around distractions, and much more. You and your dog will gain the confidence and skills you need to enjoy your daily walk. Open to dogs and puppies.

Skill Classes

The following classes are unique and driven by student requests.  

Movement skills:  pivots, backing, and laterals. These skills contribute to the dog's movement in competition sports (Obedience, Rally, Freestyle, Carting, and more.)

Positions:  platform work, finding heel, finding front, fixing lagging and forging in heel, teaching movement on the left and right sides.

Freestyle & Rally-FrEe!

These classes teach advanced level moves, and prepare students for all levels of competition.  Most competitions are done via video submission to judges at Rally Free Elements.  Freestyle and Rally-Freestyle are dog sports that last a lifetime! Open to dogs of all ages with basic obedience skills.  You can learn more by visiting

Here is a link of Stormy performing some of the Advanced and Intermediate moves of Rally-FrEe.

AKC Canine Good Citizen Program

The AKC Canine Good Citizen program has three titling levels:  Basic, Advanced, and Urban. At each level, your dog is tested against AKC standards.  If your dog passes, you can submit paperwork for your title.   Click on the Class Photos tab above to see some of the cool places we go!

The basic CGC class meets weekly.   This is where you and your dog are tested on the basics.  You also learn additional skills that contribute to developing an Exceptional Companion Dog.  To enroll, dogs must already have basic obedience training.

The Advanced CGC and Urban CGC classes meet weekly at more challenging locations.  This is where you apply the skills you learned in the basic class.  Your dog applies these skills in new and novel environments.  These classes are essential for Exceptional Companion Dogs and Service Dogs.

The schedule for CGCA and CGCU rotates and varies.  There are typically more CGCA classes offered than CGCU.

Conditioning to New and Novel Environments

Think of this as continuing education, or post-graduate work, for dogs who have completed the Advanced CGC or higher levels of obedience training. Classes go to interesting places to help dogs learn to adapt to new and novel environments. It's also a really fun class!  Click on the Class Photos tab above to see some of the interesting things we do!

Therapy Dog

This training prepares the dog to be evaluated and tested under the Alliance for Therapy Dogs program.  Eligible dogs must have a CGC.

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